Beaten Path is a turn-based, tactical RPG inspired by games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Triangle Strategy, and Fire Emblem. Follow the story of a mage and her student as they traverse across a shattered world, recruit allies, fend off foes, and strategize their way to victory.

Turn-Based Tactical Battles

Each map provides unique experiences across deserts, snowscapes, swamps, and castles. Various hazards such as wooden lifts, exploding crates, and elemental traps enhance the level variety.

An Ominous Tale

Follow the journey of Shim, an elderly mage, and her student, Panna, as they travel through a shattered world. The Grarl -- embodiments of humans' worst qualities -- tore apart the world long ago, leaving just a handful of islands remaining in the human realm. Only the strength of the Sovereign was able to drive the Grarl back to their realm, sealing them there for over a hundred years. Now, the seal is broken and they threaten humanity once more.

Develop Your Characters

Each character has personal abilities, multiple skill trees, and class. As you progress, you will recruit a diverse range of characters and strengthen those in your party. Enemy levels are based on your party's level, so no need to worry about being over -- or under -- leveled!

A Packed Adventure

With more than 20 maps, 30 characters, and 100 abilities you'll have more than enough to explore. Enjoy a 30+ hour adventure as you fight your way through various tactical battles.

Peacebreak Studio

Peacebreak Studio is Jarett Gross, a solo game developer. He has developed smaller games previously and Beaten Path is his first full-scale, commercial game.